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Should We Preserve Lil Pump As A Cultural Icon?

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Gucci Gang Rapper Wigged out in new IG Post

No doubt people are ready to leave Lil Pump back in 2017

Recently it seems Lil Pump has taken a hiatus in music to seek out other business ventures. But people are quick to leave him in the past like disgruntled exes. Regardless Pump is pretty young, he blew up in a major culture shift where popping Xans and Gucci belts were cool. Now it's all about TikTok's and sliding for de*d homies.

The 1985 Effect

So Is He A One Hit Wonder?: Vanilla Ice Style?

It all depends if you really fucked with his music back in the day and are willing to give him another shot.

Some decent Lil Pump Songs

  • Where's the blow

  • D rose

  • Boss

Whats he up to now?

Living life as an onlyfans thot apparently

Recently Lil Pump has decided to venture into the adult film industry creating his own content house, Pumps Play House.

It's unclear when and if he is going to release a project but right now you can watch him participating a various adult activities, if thats your thing.

While it's really up to you if you want to leave pump in the past, he has somewhat of a legendary history so for better or for worse we probably will continue to hear from Lil Pump in the future, but he did fall off.

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